Roofing is a vital part of our 3-Point “Top of the House” System

Your house is comprised of a series of structural components that have been designed and engineered to efficiently work together to provide protection from the elements and a comfortable, healthy home environment for you and your family.

We use a common sense approach to improving the top part of your house; from the attic insulation and ventilation, to completing the project with a water-proof underlayment barrier, topped with elegant architectural shingles. Our installation experts start the process with thorough planning and preparation, plus an in-depth knowledge of how each of the 3 main components –Insulation, Attic Ventilation & Roofing – must all function seamlessly together.

When completed, our 3 Point System will provide your family with protection from the elements, plus help prevent ice dams, increase comfort, and lower your monthly energy costs.

3 Point Roofing System

Why do local Homeowners hire Gunner Insulation to Roof their Homes?

Gunner Insulation Company, LLC is a highly specialized and experienced insulation and ventilation installer (the most technical and skilled parts of the project) who is also a licensed General Contractor, so we can install your roofing too! That way we can make sure the insulation, attic ventilation and roofing all works together as a complete system. When you hire Gunner Insulation you are assured of receiving professional quality throughout every step of the process. In fact, all of our workmanship is warranted, so you know you are well protected and everything has been done correctly.

How to Select the Right Shingles and Color to Improve Your Curb Appeal

We recommend Owens Corning architectural shingles because they are a thicker shingle, constructed with multiple layers that give them a three dimensional look. Also known as laminated or dimensional shingles, architectural roofing shingles are among the highest quality roofing products made. They are a big step up from the old three tab shingles, which contains a flat layer with no dimensional thickness to them. Architectural shingles weight almost 50% more than old 3 tab shingles, but only cost about 20% more. When you compare the durability and the curb appeal that architectural shingles provide, they are a tremendous value for the price.

Owens Corning Design Tool

One of easiest ways to select shingles for your home is to click on the Owens Corning design tool, which lets you see just what each style and color of shingle will look like on your house. Shingles are now considered a design element and have established their own category of “Shingle Pairings” to offer you creative ways to carry a color theme throughout your home and even show you decorating and accessory suggestions. You can give your home a complete makeover just by updating the roofing and/or siding (Yes, we do siding too). You can have one of the nicest looking homes in the neighborhood by updating to maintenance-free siding, complemented by a blend of multi-colored, architectural shingles.

exterior siding

Tips to Make Your Home the Most Attractive House in the Neighborhood

So what’s the trick to having the most attractive home in the entire neighborhood? It’s all in the details, plus using the right combination of colors, textures, and styles that will set your home’s exterior apart from all the rest and make it more memorable. When replacing siding; consider adding a few architectural highlights like decorative shutters and window mullions, or wide moldings around the front and garage doors. Select a classic siding style paired with a contrasting style and color for the gables to enhance the character to your home. A light, neutral trim color will visually separate and define areas against a backdrop of bold siding colors. Take a drive through your neighborhood to check out roofing and siding combinations that might work for your own sense of style and design. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to let your color personality shine through!

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